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David Marsten from L.A. 19. Juni 2023

1 dags kursus 19. Juni 2023

Workshoppen sker i samarbejde med John Gurnæs, Multiversitet

David Marsten

Denne workshop har lige været afholdt men kommer igen i 2023 – Vi glæder os så meget til genbesøg. En af forfatterne til  til Narrative Thearpy in Wonderland.

There are problems and problem contexts that offer no way out. Rather than minimize the effects of problems, we can help preserve a person’s dignity by doing the opposite—by coming to understand  problems/contexts as beyond any solution.  Recognizing problems in this way leads to a question that intrigues—not, What’s to be done?” but rather, “Who might be counted on?” It is a focus on rich characterization rather than solutions that can make life sustainable. With the use of recorded sessions, live interview, narrative letters and discussion, participants will gain an understanding of how rich characterization makes it possible for people to carry on.

Through lecture, video of direct practice, exercise and discussion.

who is David Marsten?

David Marsten became intrigued with Narrative Therapy in 1991 while training at MRI in Palo Alto, CA. He developed one of the first Narrative training programs in Los Angeles at Jewish Family Service in 1992 and went on, in 1999, to establish a Narrative training and counseling center, Miracle Mile Community Practice, He has taught at the graduate level for many years, the last 14 of which in Pepperdine University’s Narrative Training Clinic. He is a faculty member of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and teaches internationally for Dulwich Centre. He has co-authored several articles, 3 chapters in edited collections, and the book: Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with Children’s Imaginative Know-how.

Læs mere her – og særligt 1. kap. fra bogen “Narrative Therapy in wonderland – oversat af John Gurnæs fra Multiversitetet.



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Pris:1700,00 kr + moms
Dato:19. Juni 2023
Tidspunkt:kl. 9.00-16.00
Hvor:Trianglen - København
Underviser:David Marsten fra L.A. USA
Antal deltagere:Minimum 12 deltagere / max 30
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